Applying design thinking to building design teams.

We help companies structure, build and integrate more stable and sustainable design teams, and we help the designers to navigate their careers in a more meaningful, considered way.

The biggest challenge for most design-focused companies is finding and keeping the best people. Our aim is to remove the levels of opacity that currently damage the process on both sides.

The existing recruitment model is broken, and needs fixing. Its problems are compounded in a subjective field like design. We think the answer lies in approaching it like a design problem - with empathy, creativity, and rationality.

Our process involves a lot of listening. Listening to hundreds of smart people every month - UX practitioners, product strategists, service designers, VPs, SVPs and tech founders. We get to hear what worries them, how they see the industry, what skills do they most want to learn or teach. What drives them to get out of bed in the morning, and keeps them awake at night.

We have unique access to a very broad perspective on the design community. We use this perspective to help companies and creatives take their next steps, and we do it with honesty, transparency, and a genuine love for good design done right.

It’s a difficult thing to condense into a sound bite. Maybe our clients can explain it better...

Kieran Del Pasqua

Design Director, Spotify
“We have been working closely with The Design Team as we grow our own team here in NYC. They really take the time to understand what is going on holistically, and learn what is important to the people they work with. They find the right designer tailored to the culture, skill set, design process, and current mix of talent in your business.”

Jules Ehrhardt

Partner, Ustwo
“As a business we don’t work with recruiters, but Ben and The Design Team are the exception. They understand us, they understand the needs of the designers they work with, and crucially, they understand the industry. We have grown from 20 to 200, and they have been with us every step of the way.”

Will Simon

Interaction Designer
“The Design Team were exactly what I needed during my recent career move. They brought a real sense of honesty and insight to the conversation. What I appreciated most was the expert knowledge of design and the design community they hold. They enabled me to make confident and informed decisions every step of the way.”

John Payne

Principal, Moment
“The Design Team have been a valuable partner to us as we continue to cautiously grow our design consultancy. From the beginning, their approach was different. They spent the time getting to know our culture, our process, our needs, and us. The depth of their understanding has really shown in the people they have introduced to us. Their service, frankly, has been head and shoulders above any other partner we’ve worked with." 

Adam Brodowski

Designer, Made By Many
“The Design Team are not normal. Meeting with them forces you to examine not just what you've done in the past but where you want to be in the future, and then make a plan to get there together.”

Elida Cruz

SVP Operations and Programme Management, Fjord
“The Design Team have been an amazing partner in finding the right talent for the specific type of work we do. Their approach is consultative and focused on the individual, working closely with their clients to understand their unique culture, business and design process.”

Stuart Eccles

Co-Founder, Made By Many
“The Design Team really grok what it takes to build a brilliant business in this day and age. They’re not a conveyor belt of “candidates”. They create a sustained dialogue about culture, business, design process and people. They help us grow a cultural advantage with the right talent and the right colleagues.”

Olivier Peyre

Co-Founder, Kettle
“In our hyper-specialized, fast evolving industry, it’s incredibly rare to find a company who speaks the same language as you. The Design Team have become an important business partner, whose experience, knowledge and professional network enable us to organically and sustainably grow our creative team.”
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